Equipment and systems to industrial pre-cooling


PRETECVAL, S.L. pre-cooling equipment, freezing and drying

Equipment and integral systems to industrial refrigeration

refrigeration equipmentPretecval, with more than 26 years in the market for the manufacture of refrigeration equipment, is located in the province of Valencia (Spain), for excellence in agricultural area which stands out as one of the largest producers of citrus in Europe. The headquarters are located in the town of Gandia.

Our products: Although we manufacture a wide range of cooling products, we specialize in pre-cooling equipment, freezing and drying with energy saving systems and self-development.

As is the case of cooling, providing efficiency and profitability in this essential process as the beginning of the “cold chain” for the correct storage of perishable product.

Our team are made ​​both in the form of standard units expandable to each other, and developed specifically for each occasion when the project in question requires it.

All our equipments are specially designed to meet the cooling needs and preservation of perishable goods, in which the “cold chain” is taken with responsibility as a quality in their products. Fields such as citrus, fruit, summer fruits vegetables, meats, seafood, milk products, nuts, spices and others are your recipients.

Our customers: we have Pretecval advice and technical assistance o our customers for the proper and effective implementation of our teams. In addition, projects that by their size or special features do not conform to our standard models, we work with the custom solution to this project.

refrigeration equipmentOur market: The efficacy and economy of our equipments have allowed not find borders, now marketed in many countries to consider applying the concept of “cold chain” in their products as a vital value in the preservation of their quality at the lowest possible cost.

We help you lower your overall costs, saving energy.

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