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PRETECVAL, S.L. pre-cooling equipment, freezing and drying

Integrated systems and equipments for industrial refrigeration:

Comparative Chart of micro and macro-tunnel (in spanish language respect of others air forced systems and table of specific heats and general information about various products.
(PDF in spanish language)

Our equipments can also be automated for automatic loading and unloading of pallets (usually this case can also occur when more than two levels in a macro-tunnel), thereby improving logistics orderly and less labor.

Pretecval equipments, in addition to cooling the product, intended to be a balance in the temperature of the four sides of the pallet, and therefore, that while we cool, we balance that temperature.

We included the freezing tunnel IQF, individual freezing system made ​​through the forced passage of air, cooling through the product.

- Manufacture of refrigerating plants with energy saving technology.

- Cooling and freezing tunnels, standard and type Micro-Tunnel and Macro-Tunnel.

- IQF freezing tunnel.
- Drying static and dynamic equipments with technology Eco-Tunnel.
- Predes program.
- Contribution of moisture in spray nozzles.
- Transfers to transport pallets according to customer needs with own technology.
- Ventilators galvanized in warm for environments in a high percentage of dampness.
- Traps type Majorcan of 500 x 500 mm. Hot galvanized for outdoor use.
- Overpressure trap 500 x 500 mm. prewashed white and blue lacquered frames.
- PVC swing doors in various grades and sizes.
- Doors warm docks.
- Warm docks.
- Platforms and loading docks
- Sandwich panels of polyurethane, for cold chambers and enclosures

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- Technical assistance in all our products and materials warranty from two to five years.
- Plans of preventive maintenance, in proportion to every client.

We have five-year warranty for our products or products of our brand. Otherwise, it will check the manufacturer at any time.

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