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Our Eco-tunnel model increases the quality of fruits and vegetables because it dries in a non aggressive fruits and vegetables, lowering the dampness of the air for condensation.

Eco-TunnelOne factor that has led us to develop the Eco-Tunnel is the loss of quality caused by high temperatures of the traditional drying tunnels. As is well known, high temperatures accelerate the metabolic process of fruits and vegetables. As an example of the effect of temperature on the fruit, we know that increasing the temperature 10┬░C, the respiratory quotient is increased 2.38 times, and temperatures above 35┬░C proteins begin to denature.

In the packaging of fruits and vegetables, traditionally dried by evaporating the water providing heat energy. This heat gain supposes also an increase of the temperature of the fruits and vegetables.

One of the important expenses in a horticultural head office is the consumption of diesel oil precisely.

The Eco-Tunnel savesThe Eco-Tunnel saves
The Eco-Tunnel in a horticultural head office saves because it doesn┬┤t consume oil, gas … or any other fossil fuel. Only draw power from the network in a small proportion when compared with the consumption of any tunnel in the market.

With the Eco-Tunnel you have not to worry by orders or invoices for diesel.
Comparative study and description of the Eco-Tunnel in pdf, conducted by the Polytechnic University of Valencia.

Improved working conditions
The Eco-Tunnel improving working conditions in a horticultural center because it reduces noise and it does not liberate gases of combustion. Advantages:

  • Avoid breathing of gases from the combustion to the operators of power plants.
  • Avoid the uncomfortable noise for an entire day of work involved in drying system used for fuel.
  • Avoid being subjected to a constant heat source (if the store is air-conditioned, it is a heat gain to adding up).
  • Avoid having staff exposed to a high risk of fire by the type of fuel used.

New technology of dried
The Eco-Tunnel dries using a system of refrigeration to remove the dampness for what does not produce an increase of temperature to it, does not evaporate the water… it condenses.

Models and applications
The Eco-Tunnel djusts the width of their lines of work.
It is made with rollers and brushes.
Allows for a wide range of products (citrus, pears, apples, plums, peaches, nectarines, melons, peppers, potatoes, …)