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PRETECVAL, S.L. pre-cooling equipment, freezing and drying

Macro-TunnelRapid pre-cooling Micro-and Macro-Tunnel Tunnel
Micro-Tunnel (for small and medium capacity) and Macro-Tunnel (large capacity) is the name of the product family manufactured by Pretecval intended for pre-cooling and freezing systems, energy saving, and self-developed patented technology.
These equipments are manufactured in standard units for easy installation and commissioning, and can be mounted from one unit to as many as the installation requires.
The system MICRO-TUNNEL AND MACRO-TUNNEL is composed by a series of hollow panels standardized according to measures pallet or Euro – pallet joined on a guide or reinforcement holds to the soil. Hereby the tunnels or routes are mounted where later the product will be stored.
These pathways will be covered by a false ceiling which will be installed on all elements of aspiration and air recycling circuit.
Opposite the roads will be located air vent and at the end of this the aspiration. The cold air will be filtered through panels which transmit air to the product through output slats so that it reaches uniformly to find his target that would be the aspiration.
Among the advantages of pre-cooling Micro and Macro-Tunnel Tunnel are:
Energy saving and time:
- As faster pre-cooling system market.
- A quickly pre-cooling reduces the percentage of shrinkage.
- On having been in the same enclosure the chamber of pre-cooling and expedition avoids a manipulation of the load.
- Optimization of energy and we can begin to cool the goods from the entrance of the first pallet, with the same energy.
- With the Micro and Macro-Tunnel, the air passes through the product of three of the four sides of the pallet, so homogenized pallet temperature more quickly than with other systems, thus lowering cost of pre-cooling.
- On having been in the same enclosure we have the refrigerating unified power, in such a way that to part of the consumptions fit to the needs of the load, we can increase the refrigerating power in one or several pathways. – These routes can have one or two heights.

Many of the Macro-Tunnels were performed at two heights, in addition to his great capacities, also by the limited space of the warehouse.


You can automate. As we can see from the pictures at the top, for loading and unloading pallets, with a capacity of 70 tons, is automated.

Saving space because the chamber is unified in the same enclosure of pre-cooling and expedition.
Major operations:
- For being the faster pre-cooling system market and have the ability to pre-cool rapidly, allowing the customer to plan the production at their convenience.
- You can store, for expeditions, according to size, for classes, etc.
- You can have different “Micro-Tunnels” at different temperatures at the same time, because for example there are different expeditions to different markets.
- The way we do circulate air throughout the load, the cold air passes first through the last pallet stored, thus moving cooler air through the hot genre.
Comparison Chart micro and macro-tunnel respect of others forced air systems and table of specific heats and general information about various products.(PDF in spanish language)