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PRETECVAL, S.L. pre-cooling equipment, freezing and drying

Micro-TunnelMicro-TunnelMicro-tunnel rapid pre-cooling for small and medium capacity

Micro-Tunnel equipments are a family of products manufactured by Pretecval intended for pre-cooling and freezing systems, energy saving, and self-developed patented technology.

They are specially designed for small and medium capacities.

These machines are manufactured in standard units for easy installation and commissioning, and can be mounted from one unit to as many as the installation requires

The Micro-Tunnel consists of a series of hollow panels as measured standard pallet or Euro pallet, united on a guide or brace bolted to the floor. Thus are tunnels or riding the roads where the product is then stored. These pathways will be covered by a false ceiling which will be installed on all elements of aspiration and air recycling circuit.

Off the roads will be located air vent and end of this aspiration that all the cold air will be filtered through panels which transmit air to the product through output slats so that it reaches uniformly to find your objective will be the aspiration.

Comparative table of Micro-Tunnel on other forced air systems in PDF .

The benefits of Micro-Tunnel precooling are:
Energy saving and timeEnergy saving and time:
- As pre-cooling faster system in market.
- A quickly pre-cooling reduces the percentage of shrinkage.
- Being in the same place the pre-cooling chamber and expedition avoids a manipulation of the load.
- Optimization of energy and we can begin to cool the goods from the entrance of the first pallet, with the same energy.
- With Micro-Tunnel he air passes through the product of three of the four sides of the pallet, so homogenized pallet temperature more quickly than with other systems, thus lowering cost of pre-cooling.
- When in the same room we have unified the cooling capacity, so that apart from consumption to adjust the load requirements, we can increase the cooling capacity in one or more ways.
- These pathways may have one or two levels.

Space saving and unifying in a single place pre-cooling chamber and dispatch.

Major operations:
- To be pre-cooling system market faster and have the ability to pre-cool rapidly, allowing the customer to plan the production at their convenience.
- You can store, for expeditions, according to size, for classes, etc.
- You can have different “Micro-Tunnels” at different temperatures at the same time, because for example there are different expeditions to different markets.
- The way we do circulate air throughout the load, the cold air passes first through the last pallet stored, thus moving cooler air through the hot genre.

Advantages of the cooling system freezing and quick drying Micro-Tunnel in PDF